“We the Media” Response

“The news is what we make of it.” This simple statement truly summarized what Dan Gillmor is trying to say in “We the Media.” Personalized, multi-faceted news is in demand in today’s society and its popularity is pulling journalism (albeit with a majority kicking and screaming) with it.

I suppose because the Internet has been such an inherent part of my life since I started paying attention to the news (age 13-14 or so), I haven’t really realized the vast impacts of information sourcing and sharing over the past few decades. Yet after reading about all the changes that have occurred and putting it in the cause-effect synopsis that Gillmor explained, I am amazed by the depth and breadth of how the Internet has changed everything.

News is now at everyone’s fingertips, a truly democratic idea that strikes a chord with me. As a journalism student, this new wave of technology is exciting but also a little nerve-racking. Have my four years of studying a “dying” field been a waste of time? I have to answer that with a “No,” as the idea that journalism is moving toward a “conversational” and transparent discourse rather than a simple broadcast from a media high-horse is intriguing and seems more practical to me in this day and age. It also seems to be a natural following of investigative reporting, as citizens now demand the truth and want a stake in the analysis of their own world.

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