Posted by: cgratton | April 20, 2009

Travelers are Changing the World One Couch at a Time

Planning a trip and don’t have the cash for a hotel?  Want to see the “real” side of your destination without all the cheesy tourist stuff?  Looking to make friends from different cultures around the world?

Well may just be the website you’re looking for.

The five-year-old social-networking website seeks to connect people from all over the world, create opportunities to share cultural experiences and broaden cultural understanding and consciousness while providing free accommodations.

A graphical representation of how far CouchSurfing has reached

A graphical representation of how far CouchSurfing has reached

And it seems to have hit a chord with its audience—the CouchSurfing community hit the one-million-member mark in March, currently representing 231 countries and over 57,000 cities—making the possibility of building this globally-minded understanding a tangible goal.  As one member noted on the website, “CouchSurfing is in a definition HUMANITY.”  This project is obviously not just about getting a free bed; it’s a “pay it forward” system that promotes cultural awareness and bolsters a global community.

It seems that social networking websites truly have no limits these days, and connecting the world through sites like CouchSurfing creates even more extraordinary possibilities for travelers. Now one can truly understand the world one couch at a time.


  1. Once again, excellent posts. I’m going to feature this week on my news segment at Fox 61. Thanks!

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