Posted by: cgratton | April 13, 2009

Give it the Green Light! Florida to Create Country’s First Solar-Powered City

Florida is really living up to its moniker as the “Sunshine State.”

A real estate developing firm and a Florida utility company have joined forces, unveiling their ambitious plan last Thursday to build the country’s first solar-powered city near Fort Meyers in southwestern Florida.

An early look at the future of solar-powers capacity at Babcock Ranch, FL

An early look at the future of solar-power's capacity at Babcock Ranch, FL

The estimated $2 billion project—to be called Babcock Ranch—is about five times the size of Manhattan, and will be comprised of 19,500 houses and over 6 million square feet of retail, commercial and industrial space, developers said on

The project will also create over 20,000 jobs during its construction, helping to facilitate President Obama’s green-energy economic initiative.

Former NFL lineman Syd Kitson, CEO of Kitson and Partners, the realty group making this solar dream city a reality, believes that Babcock “will be a living laboratory for companies, workers and families ready to reap the rewards of innovation.”

The city is a pioneering first step towards taking President Obama’s insistence on clean energy and sustainable development for America’s progress.  Obama has said he wants 10 percent of America’s electricity to be renewable by 2012 and 25 percent by 2025, and in the process, create over 5 million “green-collar jobs.”  Babcock Ranch will definitely fulfill this initiative, and plans to commence construction on the main solar-power plant (the integral foundation of the city) late this year if all approvals pass.

This is definitely some bright news for the future possibilities of American cities.  Let’s just hope the lights don’t go out…

For an in-depth video look at this revolutionary city of light, click here.


  1. Excellent! And, I agree with Susan!

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