Posted by: cgratton | April 6, 2009

“Extreme Traveling” Hits a Chord with Growing Audience

I recently blogged about the Twitchhiker, a British man who Twittered his way around the world using information and support only from the Twitter community.

But social experiments conducted by this new brand of “extreme travelers” are more common that I thought.

Case and point: Sean Aiken just completed a year-long job search that took him all over North America.  His mission: to “find his passion” by trying out 52 jobs in 52 weeks.

The “One Week Job” concept was started by Aiken after he graduated from college and, like many, many others, did not know what he wanted to do next.  Aiken decided that getting his hands wet was the only way to truly discover his passion, and thus proposed a challenge for anybody, anywhere to offer him a job for one week, donating all his wages to the Make Poverty History campaign in the process.

On his epic journey, Aiken tried everything from bungee-jumping instructor, to aquarium host, to Airforce pilot, gaining extensive media buzz and swarms of inspired fans along the way.

Week 51: Aiken the Airforce Pilot

Week 51: Aiken the Airforce Pilot

Having completed his journey at the end of March, Aiken now has a book and documentary in the works.  Looks like his plan worked!

To see the documentary, click here.


  1. I shared your blog with Prof. Crouteau. She shared your blog with the entire Journalism faculty. Your blog is a big hit. Great work!

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