Posted by: cgratton | March 26, 2009

One Less Traveling Woe

It may be a traveler’s biggest letdown to book a room online at a “nice” hotel, shell out the cash, travel all day (while getting your hopes up) and then show up exhausted to a building that is at best a half-truth of what was advertised.

Well be fooled no longer, my friends.

The new site,, not only shows you a satellite view of your hotel and marks out major attractions nearby (courtesy of Google Earth), but it also gives you a slew of other options to make sure you won’t arrive to an unhappy surprise.

Simply clicking on your hotel’s bubble on the map opens up a world of information—a detailed description of the hotel and its amenities, interior and exterior pictures, a Google Earth street view, videos, availability and user reviews.

No more hotel disappointments.  Thanks,!

No more hotel disappointments. Thanks,!

Looks like the “hotel guessing game” is a thing of the past…whew!


  1. This was great info. I’m going to profile this site on my TV show this week. Thanks!
    Your MaryJane post was good also.

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