Posted by: cgratton | March 5, 2009

Many Forced to Rethink a Mexican Spring Break

It’s not breaking news that Mexico is in the midst of a turbulent “war on drugs,” and that corruption and brash violence stemming from these deep-seeded disputes among dueling drug cartels have been quite commonplace activity for the past few years.  In 2007, over over 5,000 people died in drug-war bloodshed, and the rate seems to be escalating rapidly.

Yet with kidnappings and violence now spilling over over the border into U.S territory, into cities like Phoenix, Americans are coming to grips with the frightening reality of the turmoil happening right underneath us.

But not only is the violence bleeding over U.S. borders, it is also moving from the outskirts of Mexico into the bigger cities and tourist destinations. And according to Newser, Cancun is just as equally affected by the drug wars as any other Mexican city, no matter what other reports may say.

Citing information from the LA Times, Newser reported earlier this week that Cancun terror threats are even more relevant in light of the fact that Cancun’s police chief was recently ousted due to “torture-murder charges of a government anti-drug fighter.”

With thousands upon thousands of Spring Breaker’s about to depart for a week-long booze binge, the unspeakable implications of “what could happen” are tremendous.

Are college Spring Breakers just sitting ducks?

Are college Spring Breaker's just sitting ducks?

The U.S. Department of State issued an updated travel alert to Americans planning on traveling to Mexico on its website, advising tourists to use “Common-sense precautions such as visiting only legitimate business and tourist areas during daylight hours, and avoiding areas where prostitution and drug dealing might occur, can help ensure that travel to Mexico is safe and enjoyable.”

But drunk college students tend to let “common sense” go out the window, and even famously more so on spring break…

Inhibitions run wild in Cancun

Inhibitions tend to run wild in Cancun

Many schools are canceling Alternative Spring Break trips, and some schools, like The University of Arizona, are discouraging students from traveling to Mexico completely.

Maybe this year, choosing safety outweighs getting a nice tan?

For more information about recent developments in the Mexican “War on Drugs,” the following NPR clip is extremely informative:

NPR “War on Drugs” Clip

For a social-economic context of the drug wars, check out this blog!  It sure paints a grim portrait of many college student’s soon-t0-be spring break destination.


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