Posted by: cgratton | February 25, 2009

Fear of Flying?

And as if more bad news could possibly be infiltrating the airwaves these days, yet another commercial-passenger airplane has succumbed to a fatal crash.

This morning, a Turkish Airlines jet carrying 127 passengers and seven crew members crashed during its approach to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport leaving nine dead, six critically injured and up to 50 more suffering significant injuries, according to the latest reports from and

The plane, which departed from Istanbul, was a mere 200 yards from reaching its destination when it suddenly “dropped like a stone,” says a report from the New York Times website.

The plane split into three large pieces upon impact but did not catch fire, allowing for the successful retrieval of the cockpit flight recorder, which is currently being reviewed in Paris to verify the causes of the crash. posted a story on its website today with experts explaining “Why many crashes are survivable”.  But with today marking the third internationally publicized plane crash in five weeks (the other two being the “Miracle on the Hudson” and the Buffalo tragedy), and the second of which that has resulted in fatalities, isn’t it a little too soon to be boasting airplane survivability?  Could we breathe for just one second to grieve for the poor families that have just lost their loved ones?

They say bad things always happen in three’s.  Hopefully they’re right.

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