Posted by: cgratton | February 19, 2009

Skyline Wars? No Contest Here

Having seen some of the biggest and most historic cities in the world, I can definitively say that New York has the best skyline.  Yes, it’s been tragically depleted of two of its more impressive buildings, but that is what makes it even more amazing–its scars only add character.

Another reason it’s the best skyline?  Unlike other cities, New York is remarkably free of cranes and construction equipment that breaks up the aesthetic line.  Although I love it otherwise, London is full of cranes, as it tries to forge ahead with rebuilding some of its older, rundown parts, revamping it with streamlined, modern buildings.  Canary Wharf is the prime example of this.  Once the dark and smarmy  London docklands, it is now the epicenter of the UK’s financial power. Its huge skyscrapers reflect its authority and prestige, proudly (well, maybe not so proudly these days) wearing the names of European and global financial powerhouses—UBS, HSBC, Citigroup.

Some Londoners are upset with the changes. They think their city is starting to resemble an American metropolis.  Judge for yourself:

NYC? No, Londons Canary Wharf!

NYC? No, London's Canary Wharf!

But London’s skyscrapers ain’t got nothin’ on NYC’s.  Sequels are never as good as the real thing, everyone knows that.

Who can top that??

Who can top that??

The spankin’ new skyscrapers in London just don’t have the soul that New York’s do.  They’re generic—impressive, but generic.  They don’t tell the stories that NYC’s Chrysler Building or Empire State Building do—histories layered into every floor and window.  Canary Wharf is just London flexing its big, rich muscles. And that’s a fact.


  1. True. I love the view from the other side of Brooklyn bridge. There is a small park there from where you have a great view.

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