Posted by: cgratton | February 19, 2009

Flashing Lights, Hot Nights

Ahh yes, the coming home blues.  It happens whenever I return home from a trip, and especially when I have to come back to icy temperatures and midterm exams in Podunk, Conn.  But, for a few days at least, I was able to trade in my mundane academic life as college senior and make believe I was a New Yorker, prancing around the city for the weekend in cosmopolitan bliss.

I also got to seriously upgrade my nightlife routine.  Saved from a weekend of solo-cupped frat keggers and overcrowded bars filled with blacked-out underage kids, I got to check off another NYC club from my list and get a taste, once again, of the glamorous life.

Curious to see if it would live up to it’s reputation, I went to Tenjune, a fixture in the meatpacking district.  The club is known as one of the most popular and frequented hotspots for celebrities in the city— Miss Britney Spears held her much-promoted birthday (and, coincidentally, Circus release) party there in December, and Diddy, Kanye and LL Cool J, who are always sure to make an appearance when in New York, are even known to get behind the DJ booth and bust out impromptu performances like this:

Unfortunately, I didn’t see (or maybe didn’t notice) any celebs through the technicolored strobe lights.  But still, the relatively small club had huge, volting energy.

But how one gets into these places is the real conundrum.  With high cover fees and even higher drink prices these posh night spots would seem completely out of any ordinary person’s price range.  What it comes down to is connections.  You usually have to know someone to get in, and you have to fit the clientele profile standards to persuade the abrasive and easily annoyed bouncers to let you past the velvet ropes.

How do you do this?  Well, I tried to take a video example but after a disapproving look from the bouncer, I turned the camera off…immediately.  But the best tips I can share from experience are: do not show up intoxicated, use your charm to your fullest potential and, most importantly, know someone to help the process go smoother. Promoters are an essential part of nightclub functioning, and can easily be found through social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.

And there is a nightclub with every theme your heart desires.

If you’re a tree-hugger, make sure to check out Greenhouse in SoHo, NYC’s first eco-friendly nightclub.  Everything in the club is said to be completely “green”—from sustainable lighting, to waterless urinals, to a wind-powered sound system.  Yes, maybe they’re just jumping the green-trend bandwagon, but the foliage-covered walls and moss accents make for a damn pretty party scene, and it is definitely the closest one can get to clubbing in nature in the middle of Manhattan.

Mother natures nightly NYC destination

Mother nature's nightly NYC destination

If you’re into a more exotic, Lion King-esque thing, head over to the newly revamped Cain Luxe Lounge in the West Village.

Cain really brings out the safari clubber in everyone

Cain really brings out the safari clubber in everyone

Re-opened after a million dollar renovation (mostly to completely overhaul the existing sound system), the Cape Town-themed dance club is befitted with elephant tusks (not real) and zebra printed walls.  They also periodically send out lingerie-clad dancers on top of the center row of banquets to keep the high-energy dance floor moving.  This is definitely a stand out addition to West 27th.

Wait, they dont have these in Cape Town...

Wait, they don't have these in Cape Town...

But if you don’t get in there and are feeling a little disgruntled, there are a host of clubs on “Club Row” (West 27th between 10th and 11th).

NY Mag broke it down to a science

NY Mag broke it down to a science

Marquee and Guest House are the best bets to be able to crack into.  Both are big dance clubs that cater to a younger crowd.  Home and Bungalow 8 are smaller and more intimate, with little to no dancefloor space, which means they are mostly tables, and unless you plan to shell out a grand in a night, just keep walking.


  1. You had me at Headsprung!!!!

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