Posted by: cgratton | February 2, 2009

Love at First Landing

One of the greatest joys in life, to me, is the plane touching down in a new city.  An electric buzz runs through my veins at the thought of the infinite possibilities a new trip will bring–what the streets will sound like, how the food will taste, if the air will feel different somehow.   Landing in London to begin my study abroad experience was no different.  As I stepped out of Heathrow airport and onto British soil for the first time, I knew I was beginning something truly special.

Being a novice traveler (and having never visited Europe before) I was dying to ardently soak up every ounce of it as I possibly could.  And thirsty for European adventures, I took to London immediately, spending my first week rambling through the labyrinth of its tiny streets and alleyways.  Feeling far removed from the ordered metropolises of New York and D.C., I delighted in the old world quirkiness of London.  And I highly recommend wandering about it this way, loosely following your map (you must have a lot of time to spend, however), because in no other way can you stumble onto a city’s hidden charms, the ones noticeably absent from traditional guidebooks.

With a new found comfortability with my surroundings, I was ready to set sail and fully immerse myself into discovering all of what Europe had to offer.

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